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I'm still pretty crushed that David Tennant is actually leaving. It hurts me. But since I'm not British, I've never heard of Matt Smith before now (though I'm sure other people have, I'm not really up to date on most things like this anyway) and I'm interested in how he will fit the part. It's been mentioned that he is the youngest Doctor to be casted - he's 26 - and I have to admit that he DOES look really young. What I've kinda noticed in the Doctor Who trend lately is the different relationships between the Doctor and the companions; he was very close to Rose, and Martha was also very attracted to him. I can't speak for Donna, because I haven't watched all of the fourth season yet, but there has also been some pretty deep relationships with outside characters as well, such as the Matron from the third season and Astrid (sp?) from the fourth season Christmas special. So I'm interested to see the series will change with our youngest Doctor.

Honestly, I don't know who I would cast as my "ideal" Doctor. I'm a big fan of Tennant; so probably if anyone asked me the only honest answer I could give would be to keep him.

But I do wish Matt good-luck; the great thing about the Doctor Who series is that it doesn't expect the actor portraying the Doctor to have the same personality as the previous ones. Each Doctor has their own quirks (would you like a jelly baby?) and has brought more depth to their character. Honestly, I think choosing someone so young is a nice way to explore new frontiers with this show; and hopefully Matt will offer something new to this legendary series.

...But I'm still gonna miss David Tennant. Wah!!! :(



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