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I'd like to say that I'm a realist, but if I want to be honest I guess I should say I'm a little bit of all three. I try to look at things the way they really are, and not try to convince myself that the things that might be are true. However, in some cases this might come out as slightly pessimistic, only because I'm not concerned with the brighter side of the picture or any "silver lining," I concentrate on what really happened, and the options that are really there. But when it somes to people, I'm an optimist in the way that I'm always more ready to believe the better of a person rather than the worst. I try not to stereotype people; I'm fully aware that everyone is their own person and that most people aren't intentionally mean... thats why I have such a hard time understanding when someone goes out of their way to hurt someone else.

But if you were to ask me if a glass was half empty or half full... well, I would say that it depends on what was in the glass in the first place.


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