This was the topic-à-la-jour in my English class today:

Clara: Oh my god, Mr. H is actually wearing pants today!
Springer: As opposed to not wearing pants?
Me: Just mentioning that has made me question your sexual orientation.
Springer: What? ...NO!!
Me: -snerk-

My ex-Navy English teacher is well-known for wearing shorts all year round despite how cold it might be outside. It's a source of amazement whenever he wears anything other than khakis.

Cliquez ici, SVP! )
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( Jan. 12th, 2009 06:43 pm)

Fortunately, my mom and sister have the same kind of cell phone as me, so I switched the battery with my sisters and TADA! It works again!!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna steal my sisters and leave her with the busted one. (Not that she uses her cellphone anyways...>.>) But, this does mean that, instead of having to buy a completely new cell phone (which I still want, but we just don't have the money right now. I'd rather have a crappy cell phone than no cell phone) we can merely buy a new battery. A cheaper alternative!


...and now I shall sneak quietly off to my singing lesson. Ciao!

I decided to give my cell phone a ride in the washing machine. Now it does not work.

My parents are going to KILL me.


And exams are in 4 days. ARGH!


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( Jan. 11th, 2009 09:55 pm)
Behold the evil graffiti artist of D00M!!



P.S: Do not ask why.
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I'm still pretty crushed that David Tennant is actually leaving. It hurts me. But since I'm not British, I've never heard of Matt Smith before now (though I'm sure other people have, I'm not really up to date on most things like this anyway) and I'm interested in how he will fit the part. It's been mentioned that he is the youngest Doctor to be casted - he's 26 - and I have to admit that he DOES look really young. What I've kinda noticed in the Doctor Who trend lately is the different relationships between the Doctor and the companions; he was very close to Rose, and Martha was also very attracted to him. I can't speak for Donna, because I haven't watched all of the fourth season yet, but there has also been some pretty deep relationships with outside characters as well, such as the Matron from the third season and Astrid (sp?) from the fourth season Christmas special. So I'm interested to see the series will change with our youngest Doctor.

Honestly, I don't know who I would cast as my "ideal" Doctor. I'm a big fan of Tennant; so probably if anyone asked me the only honest answer I could give would be to keep him.

But I do wish Matt good-luck; the great thing about the Doctor Who series is that it doesn't expect the actor portraying the Doctor to have the same personality as the previous ones. Each Doctor has their own quirks (would you like a jelly baby?) and has brought more depth to their character. Honestly, I think choosing someone so young is a nice way to explore new frontiers with this show; and hopefully Matt will offer something new to this legendary series.

...But I'm still gonna miss David Tennant. Wah!!! :(

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( Jan. 4th, 2009 09:52 pm)
I'm feeling kinda depressed right now. Is that a bad thing?

School starts again tomorrow. It's gonna take me awhile to get back in focus... especially with math. God, I hate that subject so much.

I've been thinking about college a lot, and it's making me kinda paranoid. My grades aren't doing so well (mostly for reasons outside of my control) and I've been beating myself up about it. I know I can do better that this, and I really don't understand why I'm getting such bad grades all of a sudden...

I haven't had a lot of faith in myself lately, and I think that's the root of the problem. You'd think, with Christmas and the New Year I'd be in good spirits, but it seldom seems to work that way with me. I don't think I've had a really happy christmas since I left Winnipeg almost 5 years ago... I'm not good with holidays, generally, because it makes me feel restless. I'm a very dependent person, anything that disturbs the pattern of my lifestyle tends to make me uneasy, even if it's a change for the better. Which means, even though I'm glad to out of school for two weeks, I feel distracted and off-balance without the repetition of it. I'm weird like that I guess.

That's why having Khas here has held me up for these last two weeks. He's something that consumes my time, and that's usually what I need the most in these sort of situations. But once school starts again I'm going to be hard pressed to get everything done. Though I wish I had the extra money, it's fortunate for me that I don't have a job yet because I don't think I would be able to handle the stress, honestly.

I wish I didn't have school. >.<

I want to write something. Like fiction or... something. But the problem is, I don't have any ideas that I feels are good enough. Maybe something will pop up in a few days for me, before the feeling goes away. That would make me feel better, methinks.

Anyways, I guess I better hit the sack, cause I have to get up early tomorrow...

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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:12 am)
Looking back on some of my more recent posts, I would just like to add something happy amidst all the negative I'm-miserable-life-sucks vibe I've been getting from my journal (and, obviously from myself as well).

Erm... My horse is here!! SUPER HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

... CHRISTMAS!!!!! And it's warm enough that I can actually go outside without the eskimo suit. OMG. This might be my first Xmas that I might spend without freezing my butt off... :D

Ahem. I shall go now. But I am happy. Really. -shifty eyes-

I would totally enjoy the impending Christmas break more if I didn't have this essay due on Wednesday >.< Also, my life would improve if it would actually SNOW here and not just rain... :P I don't like rain all that much, you see.

I'm also kinda pissed that my school has tacked on two extra days of school Monday and Tuesday, with Christmas break starting officially on Christmas Eve. I mean, I understand that they want to give us the maximum amount of school days, but I mean seriously? Give us break! The teachers don't want to be there, the students don't want to be there, and half of the kids are going to be gone ANYWAYS because they have all left on vacation already. I know that everyone in Cold Lake have already started break...

Ah, essays, essays... how do you get around them? It doesn't help that I'm a horrible procrastinator, does it...


As a side note, I might mention that Khas finally arrived Wednesday night!! :D I was so ecstatically happy until I had to write a math test the next day, in which I failed horribly. I must have left half of the questions blank!!! What really pisses me off is that I was I knew the material, it was mostly composed of stuff that I had done last year so I caught on quickly. I actually felt like my old math-savvy self again, heh. But I think that my teacher must be deficient in writing test or something, because he'll ask us questions in the tests that he's never taught us how to solve, and it's really frustrating when you know that you've mastered all the stuff that he's actually taught you how to do... then he goes and drops a bombshell while cackling evilly. Thanks Mr. Southworth.

Ah well. I've decided that if I'm going to fail math, I might as well do it thoroughly.

So, back to my horse. :) Well, it's only been a few days in an already my parents and I are fighting about him. I mean, I get how they feel about everything; I know that owning a horse is not a cheap endeavor. But, they just assume that I take it all for granted, and that I don't realize how much they have sacrificed for him to actually be there. But I DO. Then they feel like for some reason every time I get angry at them is somehow related to me being "ungrateful" for them paying for him. I just wish that they would realize that, being human, I have my ups and downs just like every other person, and just because they have done something extremely generous for me doesn't mean that I'm going to become perfect overnight. The funny thing is, that is exactly what they want. Whats even more frustrating is that while they claim that I'm not showing any appreciation, they make absolutely no effort to attempt to change themselves. Cooperation involves more than just one-person effort, children. Take my dad two nights ago for instance. It was 12:00 at night when I had just gotten back from a night out. I was getting a drink and saying how I wanted to go out tomorrow and see Khas and my dad was like "So, are you gonna ride him?"

To fully understand my reaction to this statement, you must understand that pretty much for the last three months we've been here, especially the last couple of days, I've been telling my parents that it was going to take awhile for Khas to be completely settled in at his new stable and that I wasn't planning on riding him until he was here for at least a week or so. So when my dad asked me this obviously insipid question I just gave him an inquiring are-you-high? look and replied, "No."

Really, that should have ended the conversation. But no, he had to go and be all superior and ask my why. Point a) It wasn't like he hadn't HEARD all of this already. Point b) I really wasn't feeling up to explaining my reasoning AGAIN to someone who had heard hundreds of times already. So I just looked at him testily and told him that Khas was my horse and that I could do what I wanted with him, that it really wasn't any of his business if I wanted to ride him or not, etc, etc. So EXCUSE me. I didn't need him giving me an interrogation at midnight about something that probably wouldn't understand anything about. To my dad, he doesn't seem to understand that animals, especially horses, suffer from anxiety just like we humans do.

Anyways, so my dad yelled back at me that it was his business and my mom looked at me disapprovingly and told me I was being unreasonable. How exasperating are they? Can they not trust me to make the right decisions by my horse especially considering that I have tons of more experience in this sort of thing than they do?

-sigh- Whatever.

I would just like to tell them someday that I treat them exactly the same way they treat me, and that if they want this to change then maybe they should try treating my differently. Because my parents are not as perfect as they make themselves out to be.

Anyways, back to my essay...

Because it's quite late and I just got back from a performance, I'm going to make this brief. I've been looking at myself lately (figuratively, of course. I would never be able to literally look at myself and not shudder) and have just been kind of shocked by how much I've changed personally. If I think about it, I think it's more the fact that people just react to me differently over here then they did in Cold Lake. At my old school, I was kinda ignored. I didn't have many friends, and most of them barely put up with me.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm extremely obnoxious or a bitch, but I can be annoying at times. I'd be the first to admit it. I'm exuberant in way that my most people don't understand, but then again, how many teenagers don't assume that they're not understood?

I have given a name to this peculiar quality of mine. I am an introverted extrovert. Makes sense, right?

But it seems like, instead of giving me exasperated looks of There goes Kayla again..., people here are more inclined to... appreciate this part of my personality. I'm certainly not the weirdest person I've ever met, but I'm misleading in the way that I seem shy and quiet, yet two minutes later I'm doing completely unexpected things.

My parents say I'm too serious. My friends think I'm a lunatic. Except here, my personality doesn't have any negative connotations behind it; I actually feels like I might be interesting for once, instead of just a wall flower.

My deduction: craziness suits me. And it obviously suits other people too.

When you're in high school, you know how there's always a few, annoying and awkward kids that never realize that everyone hates their guts? Of course you do.

Anyways, I'm in my high schools production of the musical Beauty and the Beast, which is opening Friday night... O.O But for some odd reason, our drama teacher decided to cast one of those socially awkward kids for a role. Not that I'm... against it, per se, but seriously, this kid is ANNOYING. And awkward.

This person is always picking fights with other people, and for stupid reasons like "He keeps standing in front of me on stage!" or "He keeps following me around and it bugs me, OMG." Things that just makes you sigh and roll your eyes, and wonder why you must suffer such punishment.

Well, after being gone for almost three weeks on a "Caribbean Cruise Trip" this guy returns to practice TWO DAYS BEFORE OPENING NIGHT. Seriously, dude? We were all hoping that he had just been kicked out >.< So he arrives at practice and just guess what he was carrying! At least 5 volumes of the Rurouni Kenshin manga. Since I got hooked on RK before I moved, none of my friends share my absolute worship of the series. So I was the only person who was completely struck dumb. I wanted to tear them out the guys hands and run away screaming. I mean, he must have had half of the school library's RK collection. Does he really read them that fast? I had to wonder to myself, trying to stop my fingers from twitching.

So if he likes RurouKen, and I like RurouKen, does that... connect us somehow? -shudders- This is so casting my perspective in shadow. RK is tainted, I tell you, TAINTED!!!!!!


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( Nov. 28th, 2008 07:41 pm)
In the midst of sorting out the crazy randomness that is my life, I've been messing around with a few theories about my non-existence.

Of course, I'm sure this is linked in some way to my horse, who, at the moment, does not seem to be getting here any time soon. I miss him. Soooooooo much.

It makes me feel even worse that I was actually glad to be rid of him when I first moved away, glad to not have any obligations for once. But now it's like I want him back for that very reason.

Don't get me wrong. I love Khas, but I was really starting to be reluctant to spend time with him for the last 6 months of the school year. I was furious with myself of course, but I how can I justify that traitorous feeling I would get whenever it rained, or was too cold to go out? Khas has become, despite the number of times I swore he wouldn't, a burden. It reminded me of a time, oh, say 5 years ago, when I still lived in Winnipeg. My friend Danielle, who was about 3 years older than me, said that one day I would become tired of horses. That I would stop loving them.

Being the the sweet, sensible 11 year-old that I was, it isn't surprising that I laughed in her face at the suggestion. Me, stop loving horses? Blasphemy! Inconceivable! Impossible! I couldn't even consider the thought.

The difference with me now is that, even though my love of horses is still the same, it's a that sometime in the future, I might just quit horses all together. And the thought is unbearably sad.

Secretly, I think that the main reason why I was so vehemently opposed to selling Khas was because I was afraid that, without the obligation and responsibility of owning my own horse, I would eventually quit. I keep asking myself, Is that really fair? To both of you? It just seems so selfish to me. Why put Khas through all the stress of bringing him down here, of having to adapt to whole new life - just because I'm too scared to let him go? It's not like I want to quit riding, but the possibility of it scares me. So I want to hold on to the one thing that will guarantee that it will never happen.

I can feel the old depression creeping back up on me again. The old feeling of not going anywhere. It's like those nightmares, when you know that you're running fast, so fast, faster than you've ever run before, but you never get to wherever your going. And then you realize that you're not moving at all.

I need something to get me moving again. I need a purpose. I need my horse.

I'm sure that this is one of the most talked-about topics floating around LJ right now, but... I might as well add in my own two cents.

So, Twilight movie, anyone?

-gets attacked by random people-

Anyways, relating to the title of this post, I've been seriously considering the Twilight series in general and asking myself exactly why I like it so much. Rewind back say... about three months ago when Breaking Dawn came out. Sadly enough, I was one of those mindless, completely obsessed fangirls who devoured the book like it was more important than oxygen.

And I enjoyed it. I completely swallowed it up. IMHO, it was the best thing since sliced bread.

-shakes head- While I don't share exactly the opinions of some of my friends towards the book (they think Stephenie Meyer is trying to send us subliminal Mormon messages through them. It's a conspiracy, I say!), I have to admit, I am beginning to doubt my earlier worship of them. Ignoring the fact that I can name TONS of better written books (including fanfics) from the top of my head, that doesn't excuse the fact that the stories really have absolutely no plot at all. This topic has been argued to death over, and over... and over again. So I won't go into it.

However, I suppose that what attracted me to the series were the characters. Other than the fact that they are vampires, I enjoyed sharing the characters' emotions and learning about them. This is the one thing that I am still adamant about: the vamps were very well developed throughout the story. And then... there's Bella. Two words: Mary-Sue. But of course, this is once again another topic that I am simply not going to dive into.

Heading back to the movie, watching it really cast some light onto certain aspects of the story to me, Edward in particular. Maybe it's just bad acting, but I had never really realized just how absolutely creepy Edward really is. I mean, I already knew that he was kinda a stalker, but he was seriously a real creeper in the movie. Not romantic in the least. I was completely disgusted.

What really bugs me though is that they really could have made this into a good movie. I mean, the books themselves are so simple that it was just a matter of deciding what scenes packed in more vital information. AKA: Scrap the pillow talk.

Edward was definitely their worst mistake. Awkwardest actor I have ever had the misfortune to see on the big screen. I must have a permanent wrinkles from all the times that I cringed whenever he said something. And Jasper... oh, Jasper...

The point is, the Twilight series has almost become a kind of vortex that sucks you in. Like the Harry Potter series, all the hype around them makes you expect them to be good. You get sucked into the publicity and it's like you've been brainwashed into liking a series that doesn't really deserve it. I'm just surprised that I didn't realize it sooner...

(On the other hand, I DID get to see the preview for the next HP movie and it looks SO EPIC.)
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( Nov. 15th, 2008 01:13 pm)
Life has finally slowed down and let me catch my breath. About time, haha. ;)

And since I'm too lazy to really write anything, I'm just going to say "Hi!" and back off.


And... Bye!!!!!!!!

So it's day three in my new American High School regime. So, what's the verdict? Do I hate it? Tolerate it? Or do I actually enjoy wandering around in a school that is easily 10 times bigger then my old school? I'm not sure yet. It struck me yesterday morning, that everything here seems like a dream. I see the people all around me, but it's like they don't exist. Usually, I'm super aware of people and the fact that, right now, they are thinking their own thoughts, and have a different life than mine. Even the people that I talk to, they don't seem dynamic. It's like they are a characters in a book. How ironic, haven't I always wanted to be in a book?
Sorry. I'm being cynical, aren't I? I can't help but wonder, again, that my life is going to go in a completely different direction now. If I had stayed in Cold Lake, what sort of person would I have become? I wouldn't have changed much, I don't think. Same friends, same habits, same life. Maybe my life was destined to be that way. And I didn't mind at all. I'm not going to say that I was perfectly happy, because I wasn't. For that matter, I'm still not. But I had at least reached a grey area. An impasse. I wasn't happy, but I wasn't unhappy; I had no reason to be. But I wasn't going anywhere...
Right now I feel like I'm struggling in an overwhelmingly strong current. It's all I can do to breathe. If you can call it that; it's more like I'm gasping for air.
Yesterday, for example. I was walking to one of my classes and suddenly it was all I could barely hold back tears. I was looking at all the faces around me, and it was so weird. I felt like I wasn't there. In Cold Lake, I knew mostly everyone in my school on friendly terms; if I didn't, I at least recognized their faces. Here, I don't think I'm even going to be able to recognize everyone in my grade alone! How can they stand it!? Walking around and everyday it's like you're in a new school? No one cares...
So, going back to my question earlier, I have to wonder what sort of course my life is going to take now. Back in Cold Lake, I was pretty sure what was going to happen. At least, as sure as one can be about their future. I would finish school, most likely with wonderful marks; keep singing in music festival, though I probably wouldn't make it past provincials; probably get the leading role in the school musical; ride my horse as much as I could; see Amanda's baby being born and actually get my chance to be an aunt; compete in Canadian Idol and hope for the best; and finally, graduate and set out for university.
What's going to happen now is a mystery. I know that I'm not going to be sitting on top of the honor roll anymore, I might not even get A's in all my subjects like I'm used to.
I guess this post has grown into full blown venting. But there's so many things that I haven't mentioned yet, like how I feel about the people I've been hanging out with for the last two days, or my classes, or the fact that I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning just to make my bus.

How am I going to survive this?

It's finally happened. I have moved. And it sucks. Majorly. Has anyone noticed that my sentences keep getting shorter and shorter? Never mind.
Anyways, as previously mentioned, I have moved to the wonderful(ly horrid) Washintong DC. It is not all that great. I'm separated from my horse, mt friends, and to a certain extent, even my family! My older sister Amanda is PREGNANT for goodness sake and I'm not gonna be there to se my newborn niece or nephew!! My mom is leaving for a month in October to greet the new squalling bundle of joy into the world, but my parents won't even let me go back down to Cold Lake for a week to visit my friends for my 16 birthday!! I hate this move so much. I loved Cold Lake, I love small towns in general, actually. Cities? Not so much.
The move itself dug up so many bad memories for me too. The first time I moved away from Cold Lake, to Winnipeg, was the worst time of my life. I left my best friend Annisa, and the horse the I loved, Belle. Moving back to Cold Lake was wonderful, despite the fact that Annisa moved away the same time that I moved back.
But this is completely different too, because here I have no one. In Winnipeg, at least I had mt grandparents and cousins to make the move a little more easier, and I was still in the same country, at least. Moving from Canada to the U.S is so difficult. I can't get a job until all these papers come in from the Canadian Embassy and even then, there isn't even a bookstore nearby where I can work!!!! I wanna work at a bookstore, darn it! Aha. I really do though. It would be so convenient, the bibliophile that I am.
On another note, I just find it so weird over here. The trees and forest are just so alien to me, I can't find the same ease around them like I did with the forest at home. I felt welcomed, a part of the forests in Cold Lake, with the tall pines and aspens. Over here, everything about these ivy-laced trees scream Unwelcome. I'm scared of them.
I miss Canada so much. I miss my horse. I miss mt friends and everything that I left behind... I know that good things will come out of this, hopefully, but I hate to admit it. I don't want to be miserable, but it's like my life has been thrown out of orbit and into the dark chasms of space.
Hmm. Maybe I should be a poet?
School is starting in a week. With that comes a whole lot of other insecurities, of course, especially about my... appearance. I'll scream at anyone who calls me fat, but I would be the first to admit that I AM overweight. I think about it all the time, how people see me and think about me. I haven't had a real boyfriend yet at all. I hope that, maybe, going into a bigger school will increase my chances.
I guess that's it for my occasional daily ravings, hopefully things will start to look up for me really soon. Yeah, right.


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( May. 28th, 2008 11:54 pm)
-points up- That just about explains it, eh? Haha, but seriously, I just got back from work and I am BEAT! Not to mention I hardly got any sleep last night. -sigh- I was falling asleep all over the place in school today, though mostly in Bio and Math. I hate math... >.<

But I am insanely happy right now because I finally got my nose pierced!!!! ^o^ YAY ME! I've wanted to get my nose pierced for EVER! And my parents finally let me!! I was so excited. On the down side, I haven't able to see Khas for over a week now. Stupid work. Stupid me needeing money so I HAVE to work. Speaking of needing money, I guess I better make this announcement here and now : I'm moving. MOVING! To the USA of all places. Washington DC to be exact. Can you imagine moving from a small north Albertan town to the capital of the United States? Maybe I'll go over to White House, chat with George Bush for awhile and describe in fine detail exactly why he is stupid and needs to be shot, maybe go visit some museums, do some shopping, etc, etc. Scratch that. No shopping, because I need to save my money in order to bring my HORSE with me.

My parents want me to sell him and in no way on earth am I going to do THAT willingly. He's my very first horse ever. I can't imagine giving him up yet. I AM going to take him with me even if I have to ride him all the way over there. Unlikely, but definately something worth considering, heh. But it means that I'm stuck in "Extreme Savings Mode". So far,I'm not very good at it. But I digress.

I guess I better hit the sack now, though I am feeling pretty proud of myself for writing in here for two days in a row now. Thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow, though my friend Danielle might be coming over to do some more work on a school project, so I won't be spending the day relaxing. Too bad...

See ya!!

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( May. 27th, 2008 04:12 pm)
Yes, I have returned. Probably not permanently, but what the heck, I feel like writing in here even after almost a year. That sounds really bad doesn't it?
And believe it or not, I DO have things I want to write about, but I'm always worried about if I'm just wasting space or if no one wants to read it because it's boring etc, etc, etc.

Actually, right now I'm kind of depressed because I just finished reading a series of books that I have now baptized as "Kayla's Favorite Series," along with the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, His Dark Materials series and the Firebringer Trilogy. Thats a fairly long list, and I've probably missed a few in there too... but whatever. Okay drumroll please... the series is The Bartimaeus trilogy.

Surprisingly enough, pretty much every one I know how has read says that they didn't like it. Which is really weird, because I thought it was just pure awesomeness. The main character (a djinni named Bartimaeus) is funny, sarcastic and witty. Ha, kinda like me. >.< Joking, joking! The other main character is named Nathaniel, and he is a magician (very young, at the begining of the trilogy he is only about 12 years old, but he is a prodigy. I mean super talented here) who controls Bartimaeus.(That name is gonna be a pain to spell really soon.) Anyways, Nathaniel kinda reminds me of Soujiro from RurouKen, and that of course just added to this series appeal. What really got me was in the last book when he was wearing the seven-league boots. To activate them, you have to tap your foot... well then. As a side note, my absolute favorite character is introduced in the second book, and her name is Kitty Jones. I would now ramble off in a long detailed description of the series and all it's intricacies, but I don't want to spoil it. AKA: I don't have the time/ I'm too lazy.

As for the anime side of my life, I have gotten into some other series other then just RK. Rurouni Kenshin is still my all-time favorite, but I am also really crazy about AIR, Elfen Lied and Scrapped Princess. They all rock my socks, lmao. :S

Anyways thats about it for today's entry, maybe I will actually start updating more than once a year from now on? (Heh, don't hold your breath, is all I can say.)

Byes!!!!! ex-oh!!

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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:47 pm)
Arg, worst day EVER!!!!

I can't believe how awful today has been. I feel totally gross and just... arg!

I work at A&W and it was just awful working tonight. It seemed as if the whole city was coming in and I was working the drive thru. We kept getting orders mixed up and we're practically $6000 behind for profit. What a day. And did I mention that someone took their food without paying in the drive thru and it was practically my fault? They were laughing as they drove away.

I think the only good thing is that I got $25 for singing "Oh Canada" on Canada day. And I get tomorrow off, thank GOD!

Anyways, I'm sure that no one wants to hear me complain about how sucky my life is. And I need to go to bed soon, so see ya.

What are your favorite and least favorite words? Any reasons why?

Most favorite word: Inconceivable!

Actually it's not. But it's so hilariously funny in "The Princess Bride" so I just had to put it in. My most favorite word is probably "Pinkleworthishly" (please don't ask), and I'm not even sure if would consider that a word of not... But other than that... I guess I'd have to think about for awhile. I don't have a favorite word, I'm not a word person.

But I do know what my least favorite word is. It's "totalitarianism." I don't know if I spelled it right or not, but there it is! It don't like because I can't really pronounce it. It annoys me to no end.

So know that everyone knows about the problems that my brain has...

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( May. 26th, 2007 03:46 pm)
Ahem. I guess i haven't posted in awhile, eh? I guess it's because I've been busy. I've had exams to do (don't they suck?) and just blah.

And I've also just finished watching the last episode of a very good anime. :D -points at userpic- That's the main character! Doesn't he look cool? -swoons-

Yes, the anime that I'm talking about is "Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto" It was quite the little treat for the die-hard Rurouni Kenshin fan that I am. My userpic is actually a screencap from my second favorite scene in the last episode. Ehe hehe.

Anyways, that's just the most random thing that it going on in my life right now...




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