Well, I did end up going riding yesterday. :P And I sent in an application to work at Pizza Hut today, so maybe I'll finally get a job...? I definately need one.

Today we had a musical rehersal at my school. The date is set for May, but I hardly know any of the songs. Go me! The musical is really dorky, some sort of 80's song mixed up in a really cliche storyline. AND I play a teacher. A teacher who supposedly posed naked in a swimsuit magazine. It sucks. Now all my friends call me "Sex Kitten."

Speaking of music, the Music festival is starting tomorrow for me, and I don't know if I should be nervous or excited. I'll probably just settle for nausea. The Music Festival is way different from the musical at my school. I'm singing a French Folk song (Ah toi! Belle hirondelle) an Italian Art song (Caro Mio Ben) a spiritual (The Lamb) and a musical theatre (Papa Can You Hear Me? from Yentl) but thats really boring.

I was also looking at my piczo site, and I haven't updated it in months. :S I'll probably do that someday or another...
Well, I guess I'll go work on the third chapter of my RurouKen fanfic, "Shattered" I'm only on chapter three, and it needs to get done! Grrrr!



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