I have never been very fond of this expression, mostly because I would never get anything done if I took this advice to heart.

Case in point: If today was, hypothetically speaking, my last day on earth, WOULD I WASTE IT STUDYING FOR MY EXAMS? No, I would not. I would be with my friends, riding my horse, and doing stuff that I actually enjoy, like:

- Eating all I want. And then some.
- Go on a major shopping spree and max out my credit card, specifically buying the most expensive and crazy clothing that I can find.
- Or I could donate all my money to some obscure charity.
- Buy a motorbike and see how fast I could go.
- Skip over to White House and sing "O Canada" at the top of my lungs.
- Burn down a building.
- Go skydiving. I've always wanted to do that.

The best part of this ideal situation: I would not have to study because I would be dead on the day of my exams. So why study?

How easy life would be. XD And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this DOES NOT WORK in real life.


(What the hell does "quixotic" mean?)


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