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( May. 28th, 2008 11:54 pm)
-points up- That just about explains it, eh? Haha, but seriously, I just got back from work and I am BEAT! Not to mention I hardly got any sleep last night. -sigh- I was falling asleep all over the place in school today, though mostly in Bio and Math. I hate math... >.<

But I am insanely happy right now because I finally got my nose pierced!!!! ^o^ YAY ME! I've wanted to get my nose pierced for EVER! And my parents finally let me!! I was so excited. On the down side, I haven't able to see Khas for over a week now. Stupid work. Stupid me needeing money so I HAVE to work. Speaking of needing money, I guess I better make this announcement here and now : I'm moving. MOVING! To the USA of all places. Washington DC to be exact. Can you imagine moving from a small north Albertan town to the capital of the United States? Maybe I'll go over to White House, chat with George Bush for awhile and describe in fine detail exactly why he is stupid and needs to be shot, maybe go visit some museums, do some shopping, etc, etc. Scratch that. No shopping, because I need to save my money in order to bring my HORSE with me.

My parents want me to sell him and in no way on earth am I going to do THAT willingly. He's my very first horse ever. I can't imagine giving him up yet. I AM going to take him with me even if I have to ride him all the way over there. Unlikely, but definately something worth considering, heh. But it means that I'm stuck in "Extreme Savings Mode". So far,I'm not very good at it. But I digress.

I guess I better hit the sack now, though I am feeling pretty proud of myself for writing in here for two days in a row now. Thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow, though my friend Danielle might be coming over to do some more work on a school project, so I won't be spending the day relaxing. Too bad...

See ya!!



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