Phew! I'm really glad that three of my songs are done and over with. Tomorrow's the last one, and hopefully I'll do okay...

I have an awful headache now, and I have alot of work to do tomorrow, but I really don't feel like doing anything. Bleh. But I'm so crabby that everyone is leaving me alone. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that. :P

Yesterday me and my friend decided on a whim to go on a diet. So far I've broken most of the rules she laid down, so I guess I'm destined to stay fat forever. -sigh-

I got about ten paragraphs in the third chapter of "Shattered" done, so I don't really feel as if I deserve a pat on the back or anything. I guess I'm just feeling a little depressed, but it's not as if I can do much about it. I hate feeling like crap.

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