I would totally enjoy the impending Christmas break more if I didn't have this essay due on Wednesday >.< Also, my life would improve if it would actually SNOW here and not just rain... :P I don't like rain all that much, you see.

I'm also kinda pissed that my school has tacked on two extra days of school Monday and Tuesday, with Christmas break starting officially on Christmas Eve. I mean, I understand that they want to give us the maximum amount of school days, but I mean seriously? Give us break! The teachers don't want to be there, the students don't want to be there, and half of the kids are going to be gone ANYWAYS because they have all left on vacation already. I know that everyone in Cold Lake have already started break...

Ah, essays, essays... how do you get around them? It doesn't help that I'm a horrible procrastinator, does it...


As a side note, I might mention that Khas finally arrived Wednesday night!! :D I was so ecstatically happy until I had to write a math test the next day, in which I failed horribly. I must have left half of the questions blank!!! What really pisses me off is that I was I knew the material, it was mostly composed of stuff that I had done last year so I caught on quickly. I actually felt like my old math-savvy self again, heh. But I think that my teacher must be deficient in writing test or something, because he'll ask us questions in the tests that he's never taught us how to solve, and it's really frustrating when you know that you've mastered all the stuff that he's actually taught you how to do... then he goes and drops a bombshell while cackling evilly. Thanks Mr. Southworth.

Ah well. I've decided that if I'm going to fail math, I might as well do it thoroughly.

So, back to my horse. :) Well, it's only been a few days in an already my parents and I are fighting about him. I mean, I get how they feel about everything; I know that owning a horse is not a cheap endeavor. But, they just assume that I take it all for granted, and that I don't realize how much they have sacrificed for him to actually be there. But I DO. Then they feel like for some reason every time I get angry at them is somehow related to me being "ungrateful" for them paying for him. I just wish that they would realize that, being human, I have my ups and downs just like every other person, and just because they have done something extremely generous for me doesn't mean that I'm going to become perfect overnight. The funny thing is, that is exactly what they want. Whats even more frustrating is that while they claim that I'm not showing any appreciation, they make absolutely no effort to attempt to change themselves. Cooperation involves more than just one-person effort, children. Take my dad two nights ago for instance. It was 12:00 at night when I had just gotten back from a night out. I was getting a drink and saying how I wanted to go out tomorrow and see Khas and my dad was like "So, are you gonna ride him?"

To fully understand my reaction to this statement, you must understand that pretty much for the last three months we've been here, especially the last couple of days, I've been telling my parents that it was going to take awhile for Khas to be completely settled in at his new stable and that I wasn't planning on riding him until he was here for at least a week or so. So when my dad asked me this obviously insipid question I just gave him an inquiring are-you-high? look and replied, "No."

Really, that should have ended the conversation. But no, he had to go and be all superior and ask my why. Point a) It wasn't like he hadn't HEARD all of this already. Point b) I really wasn't feeling up to explaining my reasoning AGAIN to someone who had heard hundreds of times already. So I just looked at him testily and told him that Khas was my horse and that I could do what I wanted with him, that it really wasn't any of his business if I wanted to ride him or not, etc, etc. So EXCUSE me. I didn't need him giving me an interrogation at midnight about something that probably wouldn't understand anything about. To my dad, he doesn't seem to understand that animals, especially horses, suffer from anxiety just like we humans do.

Anyways, so my dad yelled back at me that it was his business and my mom looked at me disapprovingly and told me I was being unreasonable. How exasperating are they? Can they not trust me to make the right decisions by my horse especially considering that I have tons of more experience in this sort of thing than they do?

-sigh- Whatever.

I would just like to tell them someday that I treat them exactly the same way they treat me, and that if they want this to change then maybe they should try treating my differently. Because my parents are not as perfect as they make themselves out to be.

Anyways, back to my essay...



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