-points to title- That should tell you all my woes! I just HATE Trig...

And my dad's sick, so I'm probably next on the line. I'm not sure if I shoud be happy to missing school, or not. But Dad's been sick for a week now, and I feel just fine. So maybe Mom will use it as an excuse to get me on the bus in the mornings...

Speaking of that, I'm going to be getting my bike out soon anyways, now that most of the snow has melted. So maybe I'll just get my lazy butt working a bit. And it IS alot of work, I have to bike up this hill to get to my house. It sucks.

And guess what! I'm going to Provincials!! As a singer, thats a big step for me. :D I haven't been to the provincials since I was young and I had cuteness on my side...

Anyways, I'm now going to read a ridiculous amount of RurouKen fanfiction! It's a shame that most of my favorite RK fanfics are incomplete. Grrr.




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