[Error: unknown template qotd]As much as I try to convince my parents it was actually "Horsey", they maintain that my first word was "Hockey." I'm so Canadian, and proud of it.

But speaking of being canadian, and my current exile in the US, I'm going to be missing Canada day tomorrow. This is the second time in a row, as I missed it last year when we went house hunting. This year, I'm gonna be at Science camp. So I'll celebrate one of my favorite holidays by studying proteins. Fun stuff.

But seriously. Canada day at the embassy would have been so awesome. Sometimes, I REALLY hate my life XD.

This was the topic-à-la-jour in my English class today:

Clara: Oh my god, Mr. H is actually wearing pants today!
Springer: As opposed to not wearing pants?
Me: Just mentioning that has made me question your sexual orientation.
Springer: What? ...NO!!
Me: -snerk-

My ex-Navy English teacher is well-known for wearing shorts all year round despite how cold it might be outside. It's a source of amazement whenever he wears anything other than khakis.

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