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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:47 pm)
Arg, worst day EVER!!!!

I can't believe how awful today has been. I feel totally gross and just... arg!

I work at A&W and it was just awful working tonight. It seemed as if the whole city was coming in and I was working the drive thru. We kept getting orders mixed up and we're practically $6000 behind for profit. What a day. And did I mention that someone took their food without paying in the drive thru and it was practically my fault? They were laughing as they drove away.

I think the only good thing is that I got $25 for singing "Oh Canada" on Canada day. And I get tomorrow off, thank GOD!

Anyways, I'm sure that no one wants to hear me complain about how sucky my life is. And I need to go to bed soon, so see ya.



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